It’s the middle of March and the weather is still chilly. With today’s temperature and cold rain, it’s hard to imagine the warm weather that’s right around the corner. And, fortunately, it is!

We residents of Wilmington and surrounding areas love how the climate complements outdoor gatherings. With school breaks, graduations, weddings, and coming holidays, we have many outside opportunities to enjoy friends and family before us.

Does having your picture made at these gatherings remind you that the appearance of your smile is less-than-sparking? For people who have stained, missing, chipped, broken or crooked teeth, it’s not unusual to feel awkward having photos made when everyone else is saying “Cheese!”

For people with smile flaws, many tend to ‘hold back’ when smiling. Some smile with lips only or conceal their smile with a hand. Having the confidence to smile broadly and joyfully, we believe, should be the best part of every smile.

To correct problems that distract from the smile you want, consider scheduling a free consultation. During this time, we can discuss options that can recreate your smile into one you’ll be proud to share. Some options are:

• Porcelain Crowns or Veneers: Porcelain provides a beautiful opalescence with the look and feel of natural teeth. Porcelain also has the best durability of all materials used in esthetic dentistry and is more resistant to staining. The process is generally completed in just two visits.

• Inlays & Onlays: When a tooth requires a filling, porcelain inlays and onlays offer a more natural look versus tooth-colored fillings. These are ideal for teeth that do not require a full crown (‘cap’) but need a durable, natural-looking option for repair.

• Bonding: This is a process that ‘paints’ a material onto the surface of teeth. It can be shaped to filled in gaps, chips and other flaws. It is shade-matched to the teeth involved in treatment and then polished to provide a natural sheen. Although bonding provides a less-costly option than porcelain, it does not have the durability and longevity of porcelain.

• Invisalign: When teeth are crooked to the extent that it causes bite misalignment, you can avoid the discomfort and awkwardness of brackets and wires. Invisalign uses clear molds that gentle guide teeth into their proper positions. They are comfortable and can be removed when eating or brushing. And, they are virtually ‘invisible’ in a smile!

• Teeth Whitening: A white, bright smile provides a number of advantages. It tends to provide a more-youthful appearance, camouflages some flaws, and alludes to having a healthy mouth of clean teeth. Whitening is very affordable and, when provided by a dental office, is longer lasting than drug store whitening kits. Dental office whiteners also provide a higher degree of whitening, in most cases.

If you’ve delayed having cosmetic dentistry due to fear associated with dental procedures, ask about comfort options. In addition to the gentle touch we are known for, we offer several relaxation features. I’ll be happy to explain those and discuss the one(s) appropriate for you during a no cost consultation.

If the cost of treatment has prevented you from achieving the smile you desire, ask about easy payment options. Some are interest-free with no down payment required. These break treatment costs into monthly payments that fit most budgets.

Why begin warm weather fun without the smile you’ve always wanted? Call 910-254-4555 to request a private, no charge, no obligation consultation. I’ll be happy to make recommendations and answer your questions.


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