When you think about it, your smile is pretty much ‘front-&-center’ when it comes to your overall appearance. Your smile has a prominent place on your face and it is often the first thing people notice when meeting you. It even projects your mood, self-confidence, and self-esteem.

Obviously, a smile is a major component of appearance, especially facial appearance. When it comes to smile flaws, it doesn’t take much to send out a negative vibe. These flaws may be in the form of obvious decay, teeth that are discolored, too much (or uneven) gum tissue that arches over teeth, crooked teeth, teeth that have chips or are broken, missing teeth, and showing obvious signs of ‘dental work.’

Cosmetic dentistry, in the right hands, can give you a smile that has a natural look and feel. Using today’s technology and techniques, we can often recreate a smile in just one or two appointments. And, along with exceptional durability and longevity, patients in the hands of a skilled, highly-trained dentist can enjoy a smile that beautifully complements overall facial features.

There are several reasons that cause people to avoid having smile improvements or makeovers. These include:

• Treatment Cost: Because cosmetic dentistry is deemed elective in nature, most insurance companies don’t allow coverage. There are exceptions, of course, such as the repairs needed for an accident or injury that contributed to changes in the smile. However, choosing to improve the appearance of a smile can be financed (in our office) through affordable payment plans. In most, these break out the fees in easy, interest-free, monthly payments with no down payment required.

• Dental fear or anxiety: Concerns about comfort while in dental treatment can cause some people to avoid having the care they need or want. When people avoid dentistry, their smile’s appearance and health can be sacrificed. This leads to a higher risk for cavities, gum disease, tooth loss, bite misalignment, and chipped or worn teeth. One of the reasons we like to begin with each new patient in a private consultation is to learn their expectations as well as concerns they have when it comes to a new dental relationship. Our goal is to help make each visit one that is comfortable and informative, leading to a healthier, more confident smile. While comfort is a high priority with all members on the Riverside team, when we have an especially anxious or fearful patient, we like to discuss additional measures that can help each individual move through treatment much easier.

• Having a ‘fake’ smile: There is nothing worse than seeing someone who smiles, showing obvious signs of dental work. When ‘cheap dentistry’ is performed, the trade-off is usually in sacrificing the natural look of real teeth. For the ideal in esthetics, we advise porcelain crowns or veneers. These provide the highest level of durability available in dental esthetics while even reflecting light as natural teeth. Also, when a dentist fails to master the skills needed for treatment planning with the proper shape, shade and size of teeth, the result can appear ‘fake.’ For example, when repairing gapped teeth, there is typically the need to involve neighboring teeth in treatment. Just filling in the gap by making two wider teeth will provide a look that is unnatural and unflattering. An experienced dentist with the right skills and ‘eye’ for detail can provide you with a desired outcome.

• Treatment time: Most adults have too much on their plates on just the average day. Add to that the time needed for cosmetic dental procedures and some people are less apt to proceed. Yet, is the actual time commitment really as much as perceived? Today’s cosmetic dentistry involves many procedures that can often be completed in just a couple of visits. Although a few may involve the need for a dental lab to create the final restorations, the actual ‘chair time’ required may be far less than you think. Additionally, we try to arrange appointment times to provide the most efficient process possible. Scheduling can often be done to coincide with lunch hour breaks, early morning, or end-of-day time slots.

We all have challenges when it comes to adding a procedure to our busy days. While no one jumps into cosmetic dentistry without due consideration, the challenges are often far less obstacles than assumed when actually understanding the specifics related to each person.

Yet, the returns of a flattering smile are endless. People who feel good about the appearance of their smile tend to smile wider and more often. This projects them as a happy and confident individual, sending a positive message to others.

Research has also shown that the act of smiling is a mood booster! For people who have smiles they love, smiling becomes easier and more frequent. That makes for a person who smiles from the inside out!

If you’re ready to discuss smile enhancement, call 910-254-4555 to schedule a no-charge, no obligation consultation. I’ll make recommendations and discuss estimated fees. While you’re here, we can also have our financial coordinator review easy payment options.

We look forward to welcoming you!


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