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Invisalign is a system of clear, removable, custom aligners.

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For those who desire a beautiful, healthy smile, Invisalign is a popular option to straighten teeth discreetly without wires and brackets. Invisalign combines 3-D computer technology with a clear, medical grade polymer to move teeth at a faster pace than traditional braces. Plus, the “invisible” aligners can be removed to eat, drink, brush and floss. Invisalign is recommended for adults and adolescents who have completed tooth and jaw development. They are particularly appealing for adults who had orthodontic treatment in their youth and have since experienced shifting teeth as they’ve aged.

Why Choose Invisalign?

Invisalign Benefits


Aligners are changed often as teeth gradually shift into position, so the transition is gentle. They are customized for a perfect fit, and smooth without any wires or brackets to cause pain.


Unlike traditional braces, the Invisalign system uses clear plastic aligners – so clear that most people can’t tell you’re wearing them at all! 

Since you can remove them at any time, you can easily brush and floss your teeth to easily maintain excellent oral hygiene.


Most patients achieve desired results with Invisalign in about one year. To keep treatment on schedule, a patient typically visits their dentist or orthodontist every one to two months. 

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An Invisalign Experience

“I just wanted to commend Dr. Rich and his wonderful staff on the experience that I had while doing the Invisalign program. From the state of the art facilities to the utmost professionalism provided by his staff, they made me feel at ease through the whole process. I highly recommend Invisalign to anyone that is thinking about a teeth straightening process. As long as you are willing to follow Dr. Rich’s direction you will be so happy with the results. I only wish I would have done Invisalign many years ago. Not ashamed to smile anymore!!! Thanks Dr. Rich and his Team!!!”

– Rich Wilkinson

To learn more about Invisalign, contact us to schedule an appointment at our office or ask to setup a virtual consultation to discuss options.

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