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Dr Gabriel J. Rich III, DDS?
  • DDS, Georgetown University School of Dentistry
  • Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry
  • Honorary Fellow, American College of Dentists
  • Honorary Fellow, Academy of Dentistry International
  • Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Member, American Dental Association
  • Team Dentist, Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Club, 1997-2018.
Environmentally-friendly features can be found throughout Riverside Dental Arts. While Dr. Rich is committed to bright, white smiles, you'll be pleased to know their office is part of a 'green' effort when it comes to your dental care! From technology that saves energy and eliminates the need for paper, to the design of the interior, below are just a few of the green elements you may notice...

Design Featuring Old Growth Riverwood

Riverside Dental Arts When North Carolina was first settled in the 1600's, the land was dense with pine and cypress trees. The colony cut the timber and floated it down the Old Growth River to the sawmills in Wilmington. As the logs floated down the river or waited in holding pens near the mills, the densest ones would sink. The loggers did not have a way to retrieve the "sinkers." As the virgin forests dried up in the 1900's, the sinkers were forgotten and preserved under the mud of the riverbed.

With a little historical research, sonar technology, and permits from North Carolina Government agencies, preserved logs can now be retrieved. Log-recovery teams bring them up to a surface they have not seen in 100 years or more. They are taken to a mill just outside of Wilmington to prepare. The wood that is recovered is the same as that is still walked on in Mt. Vernon, Monticello, and other early American historical sites.

Old Growth Riverwood™ only reclaims felled wood logs and antique lumber from existing structures (such as barns or buildings set to be torn down) with aim to encourage and respect the environment. Riverside Dental Arts is proud to feature Old Growth Riverwood and invites you to learn more about this impressive firm at www.OldGrowthRiverwood.com.

Digital Radiography

Periodically, it is necessary to see what is inside of your tooth structure and below your gum line to ensure your oral health is in proper condition. This view can only be provided through dental x-rays. However, today's technology provides a far better option over images in 'bite wings.' Digital radiograph provides clear, enlarged images in seconds while reducing radiation exposure up to 90%. The process also eliminates the need for film and processing chemicals, creating an environmentally-friendly alternative to traditional dental x-rays.

Computerized Charting System

While computerized charting measures and stores your oral status, it also predicts vulnerable areas and provides easy retrieval for accurate comparisons in the future. This 'trail' is a beneficial aid in helping you avoid problems that could result in costly repairs in the future. Another advantage of computerized charting is its paperless operation, which is good for the environment.

From the Carpet to the Paint!

Riverside Dental Arts The interior was designed by EnviroMed, Because being "green" impacts much more than just the space you are in, EnviroMed incorporated green design features into many of the finishes and selecting them from manufacturer's that maintained green practices as well.

They also made an effort to utilize materials and furniture that were available within a 500 mile radius of the new office. Designer Stephanie Morgan Clarke explains, "The less that items travel, the less fuel, exhaust and natural resources they use."

The flooring in the office is a combination of 3 different products. These contain little to no VOC's (volatile organic compounds), which creates cleaner air quality than the average office.

The Reception area has stained concrete. The carpet is from a manufacturer that deeply respects the environment. The carpet meets the Carpet & Rug Institutes Indoor Air Quality requirements and has little "off gassing." It can be recycled when Dr. Rich feels it needs replacing so it doesn't end up in a landfill.

The flooring in the operatories is linoleum. This is a highly environmentally friendly product made from linseed oil, wood flour, cork dust and resins on top of canvas. There are no VOC's. It is also 100% biodegradable.

The wallcoverings throughout most of the office are made with water based inks and PVC free as well as Cadmium and Mercury free. Each is breathable and will not promote mold and are Greenguard Certified for low VOC emissions. They are also 100% post-consumer recyclable. The consultation has a natural grasscloth wallcovering.

The front desk has pebbles and stones that are 100% natural with a front desk that has a manufactured quartz surface. Although most granites are not radon free, this one is, and gives a strong, durable and long-lasting surface. Cambria quartz is nonporous and nonabsorbant, and as the only quartz surface produced in the USA, has lower transportation requirements than other quartz surfacing products produced in the Middle East, Asia and Europe.

Some of the fabrics are made of recycled bamboo. The paint is a no-VOC paint made for cleaner air. Natural stone and glass are used in the restrooms.

"I am so pleased to have the opportunity to share my experience with Rich. I've been going to this practice since the 1980's, and they're not in my insurance network! The staff is professional and friendly-always making you feel welcome at every visit. My teeth had worn down from overnight grinding. It was time for renovation of the appearance of my teeth and the bite. Recently, Dr. Rich (and his excellent staff and lab team) reworked most all of my teeth with a new 6-tooth upper bridge, a new 6-tooth lower bridge and a lower partial. Both form and function were perfect! The alignment was spot-on from the start, and I was able to chew my food well. After wearing the new partial for 2 1/2 months, we did a very minor "sliver" of a revision to it, and that was spot-on too. I highly recommend Dr. Rich, his staff and the lab team for all your dental needs!"
- D.P., Wake Forest, NC