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Dr Gabriel J. Rich III, DDS?
  • DDS, Georgetown University School of Dentistry
  • Fellow, Academy of General Dentistry
  • Honorary Fellow, American College of Dentists
  • Honorary Fellow, Academy of Dentistry International
  • Associate Fellow, American Academy of Implant Dentistry
  • Member, American Dental Association
  • Team Dentist, Carolina Hurricanes Hockey Club, 1997-2018.
Riverside dental is by far the best dentistry clinic I have ever been to. The staff answers any questions I have fully and even gives in depth advice that applies specifically to me. I learned more in one visit than all other visits to other dentists.
- Aaron
There's the wonderful staff, the beautiful offices, the amazing art work, the super-cool bathrooms! Oh yeah --and there's Dr. Rich who always makes me laugh - he is a funny guy! What could be better for a superior dental experience
- Connie
I love going there. The staff is excellent..BUT most of ALL. Dr. Rich... makes it fun and the Great music.
- Troy
Riverside Dental Arts makes me feel welcome from the minute I walk in the door and Meredith says Hi! The staff is kind and concerned about comfort. They help me understand what they are doing and also help me make decisions on my dental healthcare.
- Susan Dillard
I love being a patient of Riverside Dental Arts because not only are my teeth expertly taken care of (pain free), the entire staff is friendly and professional! From the time I walk through the door until I leave the staff makes me feel like I am the only one that matters while I am there. Riverside also has state of the art equipment to provide the highest quality of care!
- Sue
There's only one way to say it...we like Riverside Dental Arts because of Gabe Rich, a good friend and great dentist!
- John and Aura Maas
I'm so grateful to everyone at Riverside Dental Arts. Dr Rich is a great dentist with a very gentle touch who is always careful to make sure the treatment is pain free. Sharon the assistant always has a positive attitude and helps keep me calm and comfortable, she is the best. Last but not least Meredith the Admin is so sweet and helpful I really appreciate all that he does.
- Andrea Palevo
I feel good about being a patient at Riverside Dental Arts because I know Dr. Rich and his staff have my health in mind with all that they do. Also, I feel good when I get a thorough, efficient cleaning because it makes me feel better inside and out. I can smile with full confidence thanks to Riverside Dental Arts!
- Sharon Edelstein
Dr. Rich is a confident dentist who does fantastic work. Plus, he is a fellow hockey player. So he knows what a puck will do to some teeth.
- Bill Nadeau
I am a new patient and have a long way to go to get where I need to be as far as dental health is concerned. It was wonderful to have such a caring service provider that is able to offer such great care and is ready to do all they can to help me improve my dental health.
- Amber Hill
"For several months, I've been careful to cover my mouth or smile half-heartedly lest someone notice the visibly chipped front tooth. I have had so much anxiety about even going to a dentist for help in the past, but your caring and genuine demeanor absolutely dissolved any worries I had. I smiled with abandon all day yesterday. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
- A.B., patient of Dr. Gabe Rich
"Dr Rich and his entire staff are willing to go to any length to keep my teeth looking their prettiest. I am a challenge as I was not born with the best teeth however, the staff's energy and commitment to keeping my teeth looking their absolute best amazes me."
- Alexa M., patient of Dr. Gabe Rich
"After 5 years of not going to the dentist, Dr Rich and his team treated with such class and professionalism that my initial fears of going to the dentist are fading. I am so thankful!"
- Stephen K., patient of Dr. Gabe Rich
"I can’t even begin to thank Dr Rich for helping me out with my wedding. The work he did on my teeth is amazing! I have never felt more confident with my smile and my wedding pictures look great! I feel like a new person! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"
"I am so pleased to have the opportunity to share my experience with Rich. I’ve been going to this practice since the 1980’s, and they’re not in my insurance network! The staff is professional and friendly-always making you feel welcome at every visit. My teeth had worn down from overnight grinding. It was time for renovation of the appearance of my teeth and the bite. Recently, Dr. Rich (and his excellent staff and lab team) reworked most all of my teeth with a new 6-tooth upper bridge, a new 6-tooth lower bridge and a lower partial. Both form and function were perfect! The alignment was spot-on from the start, and I was able to chew my food well. After wearing the new partial for 2 ½ months, we did a very minor “sliver” of a revision to it, and that was spot-on too. I highly recommend Dr. Rich, his staff and the lab team for all your dental needs!"
- D.P., Wake Forest, NC
"As a victim of severe tetracycline stains and grinding I was a late forties person who didn’t smile in pictures. I finally bit the bullet and made the investment in myself. I got 8 veneer/crown combinations on the top. I now have a beautiful smile.

What Dr. Rich was able to do for me was a miracle. My new smile is absolutely natural…. What I was supposed to be the whole time. I tell everyone "Dr. Rich is a true artist."
"I was very pleased with your painless and efficient dentistry, during the 10 years I was under your care. During that time, you put in some crowns, replaced fillings and did some cosmetic dentistry-closing the gap in between my two front teeth, so that I now have a perfect smile."
"I have been a patient of Dr. Rich's for almost 20 years. He is a wonderful dentist! He has made me happy with my smile and I am very picky. My bonding has lasted a very long time and looks natural. I would not trust anyone else with my smile!"
"I am a professional business woman and had always been unhappy with my smile—until I discussed cosmetic dentistry with Dr. Rich. After a few office visits, Dr. Rich combined dentistry and art into a beautiful, natural and healthy smile for me. Now, I smile with confidence. Dr. Rich is the Michelangelo of cosmetic dentistry."
"I was looking for fairly extensive cosmetic work (crowns and orthodontics). Dr. Rich was recommended by a co-worker. Although clearly a busy dentist, Dr. Rich spent a great deal of time going over various options for the things that bothered me about my smile. We worked together to come up with a treatment plan. I felt very much a part of the planning process. I had many questions along the way, and Dr. Rich always found time to discuss my concerns and was always forthright. When it came time for the actual treatment, there were never any surprises. Everything was clearly explained so I knew what to expect. My comfort was always considered. His technique in administering Novocaine minimized my discomfort.

All in all, I spent a lot of time in Dr. Rich's chair and couldn't be more pleased with the results. The biggest surprise was how natural my crowns look. Six months later, I'm still surprised when I see my white, bright teeth in pictures. I used to try and hide my teeth in pictures, not anymore! I would recommend Dr. Rich without hesitation."
"Dr. Rich is amazing. I have been visiting this practice for 10 years. Courteous, thorough and friendly staff. I would recommend them for all of your dental care. My bridge and crown work went well, and they even greeted me with a smoothie at the end of my visit!"
"Dr. Gabriel J. Rich is who I use as my dentist. He repaired some mistakes another dentist made. I wouldn't have anyone else work on my teeth. He is the best, like an artist!"

"Dr. Gabe Rich was recommended to us 25 years ago. He has given us excellent care over the years through fillings, crowns, root canals, and implants. Gabe has stayed on the cutting edge of dentistry, learning the latest procedures and techniques. His chair-side manner is friendly, kind and personable. His philanthropic work with, and for, the poor is very much appreciated."

"My recent dental experience with Dr. Rich was extremely satisfying! I am very pleased with the results of my new veneers. They look great, and best of all, they look natural! I am thrilled to smile because I know my teeth look good and reflect my natural expression. Thank you, Dr. Rich!"

"I have been a patient of Dr. Gabriel Rich for many years and I trust him completely to take care of my teeth and oral health. He outfitted me with new bridges and as it became necessary we progressed to implants. I have 3 implants on my lower left side and 3 on my right upper (since 2002 and 2011). The process of the implants went very smooth. He monitored my progress thoroughly and now I can chew to my hearts delight."

"It is not often that you go to a medical facility that the atmosphere and staff are so pleasant....the professionalism surpasses any experience I have had with any dentist office.... Such a great group of people and of course outstanding dentist."

"I love the warm welcome and smiles I receive from Riverside Dental Arts. As one who always was afraid to go to the dentist - I now go with no reservations at all. I love that Dr Rich is excited to work on my teeth and this helps me to know that I am in good hands. Thank you, Riverside Dental Arts for your care and gentle touch to this once nervous patient!"

"Warm, friendly service and the best dentist that I have ever known! Dr Rich is a true artist."

"I recently moved to the area and had not seen a dentist in over 10 years. I received an offer from Riverside Dental in a welcome packet when I moved and figured it way about time I got back to see a dentist. The staff could not have been friendlier when I called to inquire about making my appointment. When I arrived to there very relaxing office I was greeted upon opening the door and made to feel like part of their family. Dr Gabriel Rich popped his head in to say Hello and then came back to spend plenty of time finding out about my dental history and habits. Upon leaving, the receptionist, possibly knowing I just moved here and incurred moving expenses, asked if I needed to break up my payments. I can't say enough about how wonderful the staff and Dr. Gabriel Rich have been to me."

"What makes me feel good about Riverside Dental the professional way the staff always treats me and my family. Dr. Gabe is very good at what he does and they are usually on time with their appointments and do excellent work! "